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 A nutritional supplement to help your child grow

When it comes to nutrition, we all want the best for our kids. We all know exactly what they should be eating. But getting three balanced meals into your little one isn’t always easy.

Maybe they’re going through a fussy phase or feeling poorly or always on the go. Maybe they’re no longer fooled by your enchanted forest of little broccoli trees.

Therefore, it is important to have nutritional support that can provide your child with the essential nutrients in the recommended amounts, for when they are not getting them, for whatever reason, in their diets.

PediaSure®, with the TRIPLE SURE SYSTEM, is a clinically proven child nutritional supplement and a source of ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS for growth and hard-to-feed concerns: PediaSure with 2 kid approved flavours to choose from, they’ll love the taste and you’ll love the peace of mind. 

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PediaSure® is a clinically proven child nutritional supplement with essential nutrients for growth and hard-to-feed concerns.