In today’s fast-paced world, it can be easy to forget that simply spending time with our children is important. Assuring them that we care about their wellbeing and that we’ll always be there for them as pillars of support is what parenting is all about! They need our love, kindness and strength so that they can develop and feel secure and confident in themselves.1-3

Why is it important to spend quality time with your child?

Spending time with your children not only ensures making memories for life, but also helps your children shape their future and develop emotionally so that they can be the best versions of themselves that they can be! Some of the benefits of spending time with your children are:1,3

  1. It builds their self-esteem
    • Children who spend time with their parents participating in activities together build a positive self-worth. When children feel that their parents’ value them, they feel more positive about themselves.
  2. It encourages communication
    • Time spent with your children fosters an environment for open communication. Good communication promotes comfortability and encourages your children to talk about anything.
  3. It helps their academic performance
    • Doing schoolwork or reading together fosters an environment that values academics. If your children are comfortable coming to you with schoolwork, they are more likely to perform better academically.
  4. It instills everlasting values
    • Children observe, process and assimilate values from their parents. This is how they learn the difference between right and wrong, safe and unsafe, respect towards elders and protection of younger siblings.
  5. To strengthen the bond
    • Spending time with your children builds better relationships with them. The time you spend together will teach you both things about each other that will bond you together. Knowing important details about each other will strengthen the bond you share!

Here are some activities you can do that will ensure your time spent together is fun and enjoyable:3,4

  • Play Dress up:
  • Whether for a tea party or being the superhero and saving the world from the bad guys, find old clothes and costumes and let your imagination run wild….

  • Help them with their homework:
  • Setting some time aside may be difficult for you, so if you plan a set time to spend together, it may easier to stick to it. Doing homework together could be a set time you have and could even make doing homework more enjoyable for your children.

  • Arts and crafts:
  • Pick a craft you are good at and teach that skill to your child. Even if you are not good at it, you can watch “how-to” videos together and learn to do it together!

  • Watch a favourite TV show together:
  • Surely your little one already has one or several favorite shows. Pick one and watch together. This may even make screen-time debates less stressful.

  • Cook together:
  • A surefire way to bond and spend time together. Let your child wash the veggies, or sift the flower or even fetch the ingredients from the pantry. This is also a great way to make your child more aware of the things he/she eats on a daily basis.

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