In this section, you will find answers to the most frequent questions from our Customers.

PediaSure® is ideal for children 3 – 10 years of age, who have growth and hard-to-feed (picky eating) concerns. Please consult your Healthcare Professional about the use of PediaSure® if your child is younger than 3 years.
Yes, PediaSure® contains cow’s-milk protein and is NOT suitable for children with cow’s-milk protein allergy.
Although PediaSure® contains lactose, the contained amount is termed as “clinically insignificant” as it is present in very small amounts. PediaSure®, therefore, is indeed suitable for children with lactose intolerance/sensitivity. HOWEVER, PediaSure® is NOT suitable for children with galactosaemia.
Mixing PediaSure® with milk will add to the nutrient and caloric value and should be supervised by a Healthcare Professional. Kindly also note that mixing PediaSure® with milk will, however, make the drink full of lactose and will therefore no longer be lactose-free.
To make a 225 ml serving of PediaSure®, add 5 scoops of PediaSure® to 190 ml of water. Stir/shake thoroughly.
For children 3 – 8 years, it is recommended to provide 2 servings per day. For children 9 – 10 years, it is recommended to provide 2 – 3 servings per day.
Yes. PediaSure® is gluten-free and is ideal for children who have gluten sensitivity.
Yes, PediaSure® products both Halal and Kosher certified.
Once the can has been opened, it must be consumed within 3 weeks. Please ensure to keep the opened can in a cool and dry place. DO NOT REFRIGERATE.

No debería causar malestar estomacal. Su fórmula especialmente diseñada con base a los requerimientos nutricionales de los niños no causa malestar estomacal. En algunos niños en los cuales su alimentación es deficiente en fibra puede tomarles un par de días en tolerar la fibra presente en el producto, sin embargo, esto no es una razón para suspenderlo dado que la fibra se trata de un nutriendo necesario en la dieta del niño. Adicionalmente,no contiene lactosa lo cual favorece a que el niño no lo rechace, no le causa vómitos ni náuseas.

Yes, Pediasure® contains FOS (short chain fructooligosaccharides). FOS are special carbohydrates that are found naturally in common foods such as bananas, asparagus, garlic and onions.
Sugar is a type of carbohydrate necessary for energy intake. The carbohydrates present in Pediasure® are maltodextrin and sucrose. Consuming excess sugars is harmful, check with your nutritionist or pediatrician to achieve a balanced diet.
No. PediaSure® should not be warmed in a microwave oven, as the prebiotics and lactic acid bacteria in PediaSure® may be destroyed at higher temperatures.