For over 40 years, we at ABBOTT have focused on the science of nutrition. Our formulas have been developed by leading scientists through several clinical studies. When it comes to nutrition, we maintain a high standard and continue to develop products and innovations that provide scientifically formulated nutritional supplements for those who are always trying to improve.

As one of the 130 countries Abbott Laboratories has a presence in, Abbott Nutrition South Africa first opened its doors on the 9th of July 1940. For more than 70 years, Abbott Laboratories has remained committed to the highest standards of quality, excellence and innovation. As leaders in science-based nutrition, we continue to support your nutritional needs throughout life’s stages. Abbott South Africa is proud to bring its beneficial products and services to the people who need them.

Abbott Nutrition: Over 100 years of trusted science-based nutrition

Founded to focus on innovative nutritional products, Abbott Nutrition has built its reputation on nutritional excellence through solid scientific advances. We are a world leader in the field of nutrition science, research and development. Abbott Nutrition is a division of Abbott, the global healthcare company. Every day, our team of global scientists work hard to discover and develop nutritional products and solutions that improve the quality of life for people of all ages. Health professionals rely on us to provide state-of-the-art nutritional products that meet changing nutritional needs. We meet their expectations by providing a wide range of nutritional products that help children to grow, keep their bodies strong and support the unique needs of older children.

Your partners in nutrition

PediaSure® is a clinically proven child nutritional supplement and a source of essential nutrients for growth* and hard-to-feed concerns. PediaSure® is high in vitamin D and a source of vitamins C and A to help keep children strong and active. PediaSure® is also high in energy and omega-3 and a source of protein to support growing children.2-8

*Studied in children at risk for malnutrition.

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PediaSure® Product Label.