Nutrition is a major influence on physical and mental growth and development in early life. Research shows that good nutrition goes hand-in-hand with the well-being of children and their potential learning ability, thus contributing to better school performance!1

Many factors play a role in the healthy growth and development of children. Diet, exercise, mental stimulation, as well as overall health, are all important on the journey through childhood.

The right nutrients, in the right amounts, together with vitamins and minerals are needed by their little bodies so that children grow up healthy and strong. Their developing immune systems also need the right nutrients, to support their health and to fight infection or illness. And energy – just as important - is the energy they need to be active and explore their worlds.2-8

But what happens if your child is a picky eater, or has feeding issues and isn’t getting the right nutrients? We know and understand that many moms face these types of situations daily, and then worry about the negative impact these situations have on their children’s weight, growth, immunity and development.

This is why it is important to have nutritional support that can provide your child with the essential nutrients in the recommended amounts, for when they are not getting them, for whatever reason, in their diets.

PediaSure®, with the TRIPLE SURE SYSTEM, is a clinically proven child nutritional supplement and a source of ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS for growth and hard-to-feed concerns:3,5,6,8,10

PediaSure® delivers clinically proven dietary and growth results:4,5,8



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