These PediaSure® Recipes have been created to help you include PediaSure® in your child’s diet, in a fun and creative way. The recipes we have selected provide good nutrition and it is our intention that these recipes help your child enjoy their food more as you help improve their eating habits.

Talk to your paediatrician to see if PediaSure® might be a good choice.

Healthy eating is just part of healthy living. So, it’s important to encourage your children to be active, get regular exercise, and spend time outdoors.1

If you involve your kids in shopping, planning, and cooking, they may be more likely to want to eat the food they have helped prepare:2

Find ways to involve them in the cooking process

It’s no secret, children love to be involved.

  • Let your child choose the recipe
  • Choose recipes that you can prepare together

Take them shopping

When your children are old enough, take them grocery shopping with you.

  • Plan in advance some meals you’ll prepare
  • Ask your child to choose between 2 different vegetables or fruits
  • Let them help decide which day to prepare “their meal”

Let them explore

Help your children create the dinner menu.

  • Show them how to pick out the ingredients
  • Let them help prepare the meal
  • Encourage their creativity

Healthy eating leads to healthy living!


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